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Jan. 10th, 2012 10:18 pm
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When posting logs to the community, please be sure to use this format:

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Who: Everybody!
Where: Lander
When: December 31st, all day
Rating: PG-13 for now. If it goes above that, PLEASE put a message in the subject line as a warning
Summary: All of discedo gathers together for a final celebration!!
The Log: There can only be one. )
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Who: Helen & The Doctor
Where: A pit.
When: December 11.
Rating: TBD – probably low
Summary: They’ve fallen into a hole.
The Log: It was inevitable… )
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Who: Yuki Kuran and Steve Rogers
Where: Around Discedo
When: Backdated to the morning of the 27th.
Rating: Pg-13 for mild themes.
Summary: Just friends meeting up, a monster shows up, and all ends well.
The Log: in the ordinary world, I will learn to survive )
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Who: Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Suigetsu
Where: In the woods outside Discedo
When: Any time between sep 28th and oct 15th or so
Rating: pg-13?
Summary: the naruto cast is on a journey into the woods before the chip removal, and then some of the shenanigans prior
The Log: Dattebayo! )
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Who: Marco & Tatsumi
Where: Northern Lights Bar
When: The night after Flandre's post when Cube left / October First
Rating: PG-15 IDK Marco's in a bad mood, Tatsumi is Tatsumi. What is censorship ratings? It probably won't be that bad.
Summary: Even the world's strongest don't stay strong forever. When Whitebeard was here, Marco held himself together better but now that he's gone, losing Cube is shaking him up a lot more than expected. And also drinking. A lot of it.
The Log: I can't stand to fly, I'm not that naive )
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Who: Helen (in Eleven’s body) & River
Where: Helen’s Apartment
When: Following this.
Rating: TBD
Summary: Talking. Maybe some more secret sharing.
The Log: Helen wrapped her fingers around her cup, studying the woman across from her with a new perspective. )
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Who: Jack and Ange
Where: Starting at their apartments and then maybe various places?
When: Backdated to the beginning of the Body Swap event
Rating: PG-PG-13 at the most.
Summary: Bodies have been swapped. Cats are confused. Hilarity occurs.
The Log:

that awkward moment when you wake up in the body of someone else )
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Who: Gin & Leanne
Where: Somewhere along that nice green part leading from Dissimulo to Discedo, maybe?
When: Not too long after Stocking's murder... shortly after Conan's begun his little witch hunt?
Rating: PG-13? There's a murder, but nothing graphic. Rappig abuse!
Summary: Gin ruins crows and ravens for Leanne, pretty much.
The Log:

Alright, how about a group of crows? )
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Who: Derpy Ranger ([personal profile] kungfublackfrog) and Derpy Soldier ([personal profile] itsfondue)
Where: Black Frog Dojo, Dissimulo
When: August 29th, afternoon
Rating: S for sparring
Summary: Bros see each other and sparring gets involved. Who's gonna kick who's ass? Place your bets!
The Log: Put your fists up! )
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Who: Denzel and Washu
Where: Their apartment
When: After all of Crocker's transformation but before the new event
Rating: PG?
Summary: Where have I been all week?
The Log: Blank Memories can drive you crazy )
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Who: Yuki Kuran, Tatsumi, and Francis Bonnefoy (France; later on)
Where: The streets of Discedo and Latimer apartments.
When: Close to being afternoon.
Rating: Rated R for language, suggested themes and such.
Summary: Tatsumi killed Yuki now she's out for revenge.
The Log: I thought I heard you try )
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Who: Stocking, Gin, and China (later on)
Where: Discedo
When: Late at night, during the time that Stocking jogs.
Rating: Rated R
Summary: Crazy stuff to be honest. Double homocide.
The Log: I'm sorry you saw that )
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Who: Dave Strider and John Egbert
Where: Their apartment
When: While Dave is still part bird
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: Dave is exhibiting some birdlike tendencies. While it is slightly endearing, it's still really fucking annoying.
The Log: Come and rest your bones with me )
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Who: Stocking Anarchy + Wang Yao (China) + Guests
Where: The gym's auditorium
When: 8/7: Morning time
Rating: Uh PG-13 to be safe
Summary: It's a wedding not open heart surgery
The Log: church bells are ringing )
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Who: Sakura and Shizuo
Where: Discedo--at the lake
When: Whenever we finish the log
Rating: pg?
Summary: Sakura and shizuo are going out looking for plants with possible medical benefits
The Log: Read more... )
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Who: A scientist and some dumb kids in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Where: Lachesistein, House of Mirrors
When: Backdated to the 27th
Rating: Safe side, PG
Summary: Time to stop that Weeping Angel from killing everyone! Thankfully, Jackie has a plan but will the group trust her? They better if they want to survive!
The Log: And you say we're not civilized. )
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Who: Those of the Puni and mochi teams!
Where: Discedo, Spero, and/or Dissimulo
When: Though out the event
Rating: Any. Please note any R-ratings
Summary: Scheming, fighting, friending, and hating.
The Log: Read more... )
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Who: Those who signed-up for the exploration
Where: Lachesistein
When: Today until the 26th (More or less, an open log for any time period if anyone wants to explore around)
Rating: up to R rated (if it gets to R, please indicate in the subject line)
Summary: Characters are exploring Lachesistein on their own time
The Log: Don't turn around )
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Who: Owen and Crocker
Where: The hospital
When: Recently
Rating: PG, I'm sure
Summary: Someone has to look after the teacher
The Log: It just shouldn't be Owen )
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Who: Shizuo and Taiwan
Where: Hospital at Discedo
When: backdated to June 18th (shutupshutup, I fail, okay...?)
Rating: ...should be pretty cute and fluffy. Nothing over PG...?
Summary: Taiwan visits Shizuo after Sakura puts him in the hospital with a concussion, post chip removal
The Log: If you'll let me, I'll take care of you. )


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